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The Beauty and Stillness of Nature Along the Shores of the Dead Sea and the Surrounding Deserts

The Dead Sea has always been one of the most intriguing natural wonders known to man. Travelers head for its waters to soak in the rich salts and minerals, take a mud bath, and lie back effortlessly on the surface. It is an out of this world experience to immerse yourself in the Dead Sea, even just for a while. Hot mineral springs flank the shores and the surrounding region is full of surprises including beautiful national parks, hiking trails, and diverse scenery from dry deserts to lush green oases. This amazing location borders on the nations of Jordan and Israel, where tourists can experience an eco-adventure.

Experiencing the Dead Sea, Masada, and nearby Deserts

Masada is a region along the Judean Desert which overlooks the Dead Sea, and the preferred choice among tourists. There you will find the Masada National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a great nature experience along its numerous paths and mountain trails, and the endless Masada National Park Snake Path which attracts nature lovers to the region. Mount Masada itself is breathtaking and it’s worth making the effort if you can manage a hike along its trails.

Kfar Hanekdin is also a nearby region, within easy reach of Masada, where you can catch a camel ride into the Judean Desert for a fabulous Israeli experience, or even enjoy a more relaxed donkey ride. The Negev Desert is also nearby where you can enjoy the scenery of its beautiful hills and craters, the Ramon Crater, in particular draws many travelers to the region..

Overnight camping in the Masada National Park is growing in popularity and the perfect spot where you can select from either a pitched tent, cabin, or an authentic Israeli Bedouin tent. So this is a great choice for families, couples, groups of friends, or even solo travelers.There are many locations in the park where visitors can stay, including Masada Campsite West and Ein Gedhi. All the tents are equipped with mattresses and the sites offer the use of power connections, toilet and shower facilities, sinks, and cooking facilities.

Explore the Jordanian shores of the Dead Sea and beyond

From the Jordanian shores of the Dead Sea you can take a hike or cycle trip into the lowest nature reserve on earth, the Wadi Mujib Reserve. If you are in the area, I would suggest joining a hike, where you will start at the Mujib bridge and hike along following the course of the Mujib River where you will be met by majestic sandstone cliffs which lead you to tranquil pools at the base of a waterfall.

The trail continues into the mountain gorge of the Mujib River, and here, depending on the rainfall, you can take a dip and enjoy the shady cool waters. When the rainfall is high, the waters tend to flow rapidly, so be cautious.

There is also a chance to take a magical trip into the Wadi Rum Desert for a jeep safari over the sand dunes. In the evening, there is a chance to spend a still night under the stars among the birds, insects, and reptiles of the desert, as well as the friendly furry, little gerbils whose burrows are numerous and antics are quite amusing. Desert Larks, Steppe Buzzards, and Steppe Eagles are also encountered on these trips along with a variety of lizards and geckos.  The main vegetation in Wadi Rum consists of acacias, tamarisks, and false figs which are plentiful in the area.

Relax and enjoy the health benefits of the Dead Sea

Being in the Dead Sea is an overall calming experience, nature’s own spa, where you can take in the health benefits of the dense rich combination of salts and minerals. Cover yourself with a layer of mud from the Dead Sea and your skin will be glowing leaving you feeling invigorated. It does get chilly during the winter months, but the hot mineral springs are right along the shore and you can sit back and relax.

Eco-accomodation along the Israeli and Jordanians shores of the Dead Sea

Some tremendous eco-friendly lodging is on offer to tourists traveling to the Dead Sea and the surrounding areas in both Jordan and Israel. The Arabian Dead Sea Zara Spa is in a traditional village in one of the few lush, green areas of Jordan where the land is fertile. Feynan Ecolodge in Jordan was listed among the 25 best ecolodges in the world by National Geographic Magazine. In the peaceful courtyards guests sip on the sweet tea in a true Bedouin style of the candle-lit premises. The terraces overlook the desert landscape and its untouched beauty. This lodge offers hikes, Bedouin experiences, and many outdoor activities which are included in the price of your stay.

Israel’s Desert Shade Eco Lodge is just on the edge of the Ramon Crater and have great desert trips for travelers including off-road biking and guided trails with a local Bedouin. The lodge is a unique and simple way to discover the beauty of the Negev Desert. Eco-tents are comfortable and well-kitted out and you are sure to awaken to the most glorious sunsets. The communal building is set with large, glass windows for those breathtaking views of the Ramon Crater.

If you are looking for a break from the norm where you can see the beauty and feel the stillness of the natural environment, take a trip to the Dead Sea and surrounding areas and awaken the senses.

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The Mesmerizing Beauty of the Still Waters of the Dead sea