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Ice Caving And Glacier Adventures In A Crystal Wonderland

Traveling to Iceland - the land of fire, ice, and water - has some of the most mesmerizing and fascinating geological formations for eco travelers. In a country with such a diverse landscape ranging from rocky terrain, to icy wonderlands, an abundance of  lush green hillsides, and icy blue seaside coves, there are endless opportunities to join nature tours to witness the beauty of this unique destination. Many travelers come to see the Northern Lights and take a dip in the geothermal springs, but soon discover many other spectacular spots by visiting ice-caves, lava tunnels, and glaciers.  

Day-Tour To Catch A Glimpse of Icelandic Wonders

It’s not always that simple to try and fit these into your jam-packed holiday. While some prefer to spend, a few days exploring the ice caves, or take a week-long glacier adventure, GoEcco Outdoor Adventures have created their one-day Ice Cave Express Tour. The tour covers many of the beautiful sites which you may otherwise not have time to visit. This tour will give you an opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful natural phenomenon, even if It’s just to catch a glimpse and experience it all.

It’s an early start, departing from Reykjavík, but in no time your guides will have you out in the splendid fresh, open air to see the most spectacular waterfall in Iceland, Skogafoss. From this magical site you will move on to Reynisfjara Beach to walk along the black pebbled sand, but don’t go to close to the rocks, as the waves can be quite dangerous at times, so be cautious.

From the beach, you will take a drive along the Laki Lava Field before reaching the black desert in Skeidararsandur. If you have time later there is the option of explorinng the lava tunnels if you are there during Summer.

Next up, it’s what you have been waiting for, to see Europe’s largest and most beautiful glacier, Vatnajӧkull, an Icelandic wonder. It is a once in a lifetime experience to enter the silent, crystal ice caves inside the glacier, it is like stepping onto a frozen,blue sea where exquisite shades of blue and white reflect from the surface of the walls.

The Glacier Lagoon, Jokulsárlón, is a captivating sight to see, as the magnificent blue and white icebergs rest in the icy waters among the seals and seabirds. The Glacier Beach is even colder than the lagoon itself, and travelers can get close to the crystal-like icebergs which mirror the natural surroundings.

One last stop before returning to the city will be an evening at Seljaland Waterfall, a stunning sight at sunset as the night lights capture the beauty of the cascading waters. Then, it's back to Reykjavík.

Outdoor Activities

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the outdoors in Iceland including fishing, trekking, wildlife tours including puffin watching and whaling adventures, diving – if you can brace the chilly waters, 4x4 safaris, horse riding trails, and so much more.

Eco-living For Your Trip

Reykjavík is a convenient location, within a short traveling distance of many popular sites, and has some great eco hotels to choose from. To guide you in your selection, check out Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura and Fosshotel Reykjavík, both noted as being exceptional green hotels in the area. If you would prefer to get a bit closer to nature, the Reykjavík Eco Campsite has a 5-star safari camping tents located on the green hillsides just outside the city within easy reach of waterfalls and thermal pools where you can really kick back and enjoy the surroundings.

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