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Skeleton Sea - Recycling Art and Environmental Awareness

Skeleton Sea is an environmental awareness campaign created from the perspective of a group of surfers and artists who depend of the sea to fulfill their passion for sport.

The project consist in an interactive environmental awareness campaign generating a strong visual impact through the exhibition of mixed media installations, documentary films and recycling sculptures created around the world.


Ecotourism in Jamaica: A Unique Ecotourism Holiday

Ecotourism in Jamaica land of wonder.Ecotourism in Jamaica is exciting, inspiring, and engaging, with a seemingly never-ending list of places to explore, activities to enjoy, and beauty to be appreciated. With botanical gardens, eco-lodges, resorts, activities, birds, and more, ecotourism in Jamaica is an attractive prospect. Head on over to the island and prepare to be amazed at what Jamaica has waiting for you.

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World Ocean Day

By Tim, 05/26/2010 - 20:40

Big Blue!

Dive into the global celebration of the world's oceans this Tuesday with World Ocean Day (WOD)

WOD is a partner network connecting 85 countries via 1000 aquariums, zoos, museums and conservation organisations.

The theme is "Oceans of Life" and it focuses on our ocean's great diversity of life and how we can help its conservation.

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