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Tourism as part of the solution: Used cooking oil recycled in biodiesel in Bali

By Laeti, 10/10/2014 - 08:12
Yayasan Lengis Hijau truck to collect the oil and to deliver the biodiesel.

Tourism can cause an additional strain in fragile and densely populated areas. But it can also be part of a sustainable solution. Let’s take a look at this initiative in Bali, Indonesia.

With the absence of an appropriate waste management system for used cooking oil, hotels and restaurants had to dispose of it with other solid wastes – polluting fresh water and soil – or were selling the used oil to black market handlers who may be cleaning it before reselling it to small kitchen – causing health problems as there is no control on the purity of the resold cooking oil.  

A cooperation between myclimate, Caritas and Kuoni gave light to the project of setting up a plant in Bali to recycle used cooking oil from hotels and restaurants into biodiesel. The biodiesel is then replacing other fossil fuel reducing the carbon emissions. The plant is locally managed and run as a non-profit social organisation, offering jobs and new knowledge to the Balinese people. Moreover it is raising awareness about sustainable development and environmental issues in the local population as well as in the tourism industry.

Discover more about it in this video.


Process scheme

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Yayasan Lengis Hijau, social enterprise founded in 2013 by Caritas Switzerland, owns 4 cars to collect the oil and to deliver the biodiesel.