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Ecotourism and Agro-tourism in the Alter-Native Amazonia 

San Roque De Cumbaza - The district of San Roque is located in the Province of Lamas, San Martin region, Peru.   Located 830 meters above sea level and seated in the buffer zone area 'Cordillera Escalera' Regional Conservation. The town of San Roque originated in the middle of the seventeenth century when descendants of the Lamista people came in search of food, motivated by the abundant hunting and fishing in the river especially Cumbaza.  Forty one percent of the San Roque population are native Quechua Lamistas.


A Unique Outdoor Travel Experience in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey is a spot I would recommend for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a chilled-out trip full of discovery and natural wonders. Taken from the Persian word, “Katpatuka,” it literally translates into “The land of beautiful horses.” The vast landscape can only be described as a natural wonderland, home to the most exquisite natural rock formations, underground cities, and the fairy chimneys at the Göreme Open Air Museum.

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