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Canaima National Park - For the green traveler visiting Venezuela

Any eco-tourist planning on visiting South America should definitely consider the wonder that is Canaima National Park. This world heritage site is the size of a small country, so you will definitely want to plan ahead before making the trip.

Any trip to Canaima won't be complete without allowing time to admire the wonder that is Angel Falls. Around 15 times the height of Niagara Falls, this natural wonder will take your breath away as you marvel at its size and beauty.

However, a trip to one of the most famous waterfalls in the world won't come easy or cheap so you will really have to be committed if you are to undertake this adventure. The trip will usually involve a flight, a boat trip and a hike. However, it's unlikely that you will find your time wasted. The sheer size and spectacle of it is worth the effort. Do shop around though, as prices can vary dramatically.

Where Wadaima, Golondrina and Ucaima waterfalls meet, you will find Canaima Lagoon. You can organise tours to see the lagoon by boat or view from land, either way, it is quite a sight.

La Gran Sabana is another great place to include whilst visiting Canaima. Whether you are looking for somewhere to admire the scenery or for somewhere to trek, then La Gran Sabana has a fantastic reputation.

There are numerous places offering treks, ranging from one day to a week, so why not take advantage of the knowledge of one of the local guides once you are there. Guided tours are available everywhere and to help the local economy, whilst at the same time getting value for money, you are far better off organising a tour when there and not via the internet.