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The Hoge Veluwe National Park

Any green traveller planning a visit to the Netherlands to enjoy it national parks won't be disappointed. The country has a virtual plethora to choose from which is not surprising for a country that has a reputation for being so beautifulWhilst it is permitted to drive around certain areas of the park cycling would probably be far more appealing to the environmentally conscious eco-tourist. What is more, there is no need to take a bicycle along.

The park has nearly 2000 which are free to use and ready to go when you arrive.For those who would like to see the park on horseback, there are plenty of horse friendly parts for you to enjoy. There are areas to park with trailers to make life easier as well.The park enjoys a rich and colourful variety of both fauna and flora with some of the most notable species including the roe, deer, and wild boar and Corsican sheep.

For those just planning a day trip to the park you can either take your own food or dine at the restaurant which is on the grounds of the park.The park has a visitor centre which is ideal for those looking to learn more about the park.However, the centre is only open from April to October so you may want to figure this into your plans.Want to know even more? There is no better way to enjoy a national park and to learn about its wildlife and history than to take a guided tour.

The park's tour guides are knowledgeable and eager to impart their vast knowledge to you so why not take advantage. One of those parks worth visiting is The Hoge Veluwe National Park. Just an hour from Amsterdam, this park is easy to get to if flying in to the countries capital and is the largest privately managed park in the country.

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