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The Windmills of Kinderdijk

Any green travellers visiting the Netherlands should make the journey out to Kinderdijk to be blown away by the largest concentration of old windmills in the world.Renewable energy can often be thought of as a modern concern, but these mills were constructed around 1740 to drain a polder, and as such have since been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

A visit to Kinderdijk is a great move for the eco-tourist on a budget as entry into the famous 17th Century Windmill Park is FREE. What is more, there is no better way - and none so environmentally friendly - to view the old mills than by doing so on foot or by bicycle, and the Kinderdijk Website provides a free site map that charts the foot and bike paths around all 19 mills.

If you are looking for a personal guide of the mills, however, though still keen on the idea of sustainable touring, then Verdoorn Gelegenheidskoetsen offer horse drawn carriage tours of the whole site and surrounding area at very affordable prices.

One of your best bets for accommodation is the Van Der Valk Hotel Ara. Situated within 4 miles of the mills, it offers free wi-fi for 2 hours a day, and has its own bike rental facilities making a day trip to the windmill park not only a cheap, but also an eco-friendly activity.

For a more affordable stay, however, then check out the hostels available in Rotterdam from Hostel World.com The city is awash with all means of public transport including trams and water-taxis, and with numerous bike-rental outlets available, paying a visit to this part of the Netherlands ticks nearly all of the boxes on the eco-tourist's checklist.