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Skeleton Sea - Recycling Art and Environmental Awareness

Skeleton Sea is an environmental awareness campaign created from the perspective of a group of surfers and artists who depend of the sea to fulfill their passion for sport.

The project consist in an interactive environmental awareness campaign generating a strong visual impact through the exhibition of mixed media installations, documentary films and recycling sculptures created around the world.

Skeleton Sea organizes beach clean ups and workshops involving the local communities and schools to create sculptures recycling the trash and dead materials collected from the shore in different world locations.

Each piece of art uncovers different environmental problematics connected with the ocean pollution; from in danger Albatross that mistakes discarded plastics for food, tuna over fishing and uncontrolled consumerism, to the environmental negative effects of commercial and military exploitation through noise and chemical pollution.

Jo?o Parrinha, Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder, surfers, artists and founders of Skeleton Sea hit people's conscience in a direct and effective way expressing indignation for the irrespective and irresponsible human behave towards nature and the human rights.

Skeleton Sea is now touring as part of the 2012 Volvo Ocean Race where they are working on their project to keep the oceans clean with recycling art workshops. Do not miss out and get involved if you are around the following destinations:

4th to 22nd April - Itajai, Brasil

6th to 20th May - Miami, United States

31st May to 10th June - Lisbon, Portugal

17th June to 1st July - Lorient, France

1st to 7th July - Galway, Republic of Ireland

For more information on Skeleton Sea environmental awareness project, art exhibitions itinerary and how to support this cause check www.skeletonsea.com