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The Zero Carbon Britain Report - is this our blueprint for the future?

By Admin, 07/21/2010 - 04:28

Public Meeting and Debate organised by the Campaign against Climate Change

Room 3D, ULU University of London students Union, Malet Street near the corner with Torrington Place. Map here.

Peter Harper and Stephen Murphy from the Zero Carbon Britain team will present the case for the report and answer questions.

The second Zero Carbon Britain report came out this June. "Zero Carbon Britain 2030" offers a radical blueprint for rapid de-carbonisation of the economy and the achievment of, essentially, a zero emissions society by 2030. This looks like just what we need to address the Climate Emergency, with real practical solutions and a realistic vision of how we can make deep and rapid emissions cuts in the UK.

To many the current government appears "green" in part because there is a lack of appreciation of the true scale of the climate crisis we need to address. We need a really coherent, radical, alternative with which to challenge the government's painfully slow, faltering and piecemeal approach - and the Zero Carbon Britain Report looks like just that!

At the international level, meanwhile, the Copenhagen Talks demonstrated an impasse that is only likely to be overcome with a change in the politics and policies of key players at the national level. In the UK we can make our most powerful contribution by setting an example of how industrialised countries can put in place a plan for rapid decarbonisation of the economy - and Zero Carbon Britain looks just like that plan!

But how realistic are the solutions suggested in the Zero Carbon report? And are they the best ones? Come to this meeting to learn about, discuss and debate the Zero Carbon Britain report. Come and discuss the real shape of Britain's future in the light of the Climate Emergency.

Check the website www.campaigncc.org for venue and further details.

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