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Hotel Planinka 3*



The resort of Jezersko is also called the oasis of peace and can be considered as the ideal place for inspiration, inner peace and energy. It is located in the east of Slovenian Alps and is among the most beautiful locations in the world. The pure atmosphere and undisturbed landscapes are the reasons that Jezersko is considered as one of the best hiking places in Europe and is also a recommended site for medical rehabilitation.

The Alpine style, eco friendly Planinka Hotel in the heart of the Jezersko area has natural woods and prosperous prairies in the surroundings. People working in the hotel are very friendly and attentive in nature, so that the visitors would get a homelike experience while living away from the home in the attractive environment over the Savinja Alps. The hotel rooms are fashionably styled with many other facilities in the hotel such as a club room and seminar room, fireplaces and an attractive terrace.

This area has many other interesting activities such as paintball, hiking and mountain biking, a Mountain Adventure Park, ice skating, sledging and other such heart catching activities.


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