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Southern Ocean Lodge



Situated on Australia’s largest islands, Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island has turned its geographical challenges to its advantage by fostering the development of local artisanal food production and instituting a wide-range of eco-practices that put the lodge on the forefront of Australian ecotourism.

Built from organic (and in many cases, recycled) materials, the Southern Ocean Lodge uses a wide range of practices ranging from eco-smart fires to a solar farm that provides 20% of the site’s power.         Complementing the breathtaking oceanside views, the Southern Ocean Lodge’s attention to architectural detail is evident in the hotel’s stunning public spaces as well as each of the 21 split-level suites. The creatively-curated menu at Southern Ocean Lodge that wouldn’t be out of place in one of Sidney’s fine dining establishments.  

For eco-friendly efficiency, the hotel suites are naturally lit with floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, the rooms are adorned with soft throw rugs and heated floors to keep one cozy in the winter. The bookshelves are full of reading materials, and each room has a coffee maker and teapots stocked with a wide range of teas and locally-sourced snacks. What for an invitation to sit back and relax!


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

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