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Straven Guest House Bed and Breakfast



Straven Guest House BnB in Edinburgh is a perfect place to spend a peaceful and comfortable holiday. Situated within a Victorian styled architectural house, this residence has the privilege of being located on a street dense with green foliage that forms a promenade leading towards the Portobello Beach. The plus point is that although it is a quiet and calm place, it is only 15 minutes away from the hub bub of the town center. Hence you can spend your days discovering the many facets of Edinburgh culture and come back to relax on the beach.
The BnB is a friendly run facility that is very particular about their eco-friendly approach. Environmentally conscious in their ways, the management is extremely welcoming and hospitable. Moreover, they offer facilities that will make your heart swell with longing such as indoor heated swimming pool, Turkish styled baths, a nearby beach, a beautiful promenade for leisurely walks, variety of eating cuisines at a distance, large, spacious rooms that make you feel at home, free Wi-Fi and complementary breakfast.  Other amenities include:
• Ample Parking Space
• Smoke free area
• Television services along with hairdryers and tea and coffee services
• Fifteen minutes bus ride to the City Center


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

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