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Unique Corners

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Unique Corners



Unique Corners organizes unique tailor tours for small groups outside massive tourism.

Our job is to share our travel passion with other people and make them have local experiences in the places where we grew up. Our guests live and love our lands like a local does in our travel style.
We organize daily tours and multi daily tours in: Tuscany (Italy), Mallorca (Spain) and San Blas Islands (Panama).

All our trips are hand made quality and based on exclusive experiences where our guests experience the ecological local agriculture and natural activities.
We organize mini-groups of a maximum of 8 people, to help guests get inside the realty and to better introduce them to our families.
We always choose vacation estates in unique places inside a family environment to give them the opportunity to stay in historical and beautiful places.
We host our guests inside castle estates, middle age towers completely restored or ecological country estates and sailing boats.

We believe in local products, family owned producers, local artisans, little country estates...For that reason, in our tours we always contract little producers, local guides, family restaurants, family country estates and we pay them a fair price for their services. Only in this way we believe that tourism can be fair, local, environmental and respectful.


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

We believe in nature, local citizens, sustainable tourism and we believe in our guests.
If you see, our activities reflect our believes and our ecological commitment.

We always choose ecological and local hotel and estates.
We promote natural walks, sailing tours, agricultural activities such as the olive and grapes harvest in Tuscany, local food.
We travel in little groups because we have guests, not just clients.
If we can, in our tours, we take local transportation such as train or local buses.
In our office we always recycle papers and we try to print as less as we can.