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Inspired Majestic Maasai Safari



An African safari is a bucket list fixture right up there with climbing Everest or swimming with dolphins. But this safari adventure is far from cliché. When you’re not out spotting the ‘Big 5’ of the Savannah, you will become guests in the Maasai community, immersing yourself in their culture, learning  about their customs and getting involved in the building of Mara’s first secondary school for girls.

This adventure speaks to the heart of every adventurer - their curiosity. Not just about this foreign terrain, but about the people who call it home.

Where but the Maasai Mara could you pull up next to a pride of lions, watch a family of elephants walk languidly across a deep Kenyan sunset and share stories with an indigenous African tribe? Introduce yourself to the world of the Maasai people, and take a piece of it home with you - an education in a unique culture, captivating wildlife photography, traditional beaded jewellery and friendships that will span continents and last a lifetime. This is an adventure which gives so generously, and asks only for open eyes and a warm spirit in return.

Is this the adventure for you? This adventure is for anyone who has always wanted to experience an African safari, anyone with that anthropological itch; a curiosity about people, about cultures and customs that differ from their own as wildly as the animals roaming their backyard. Two days will be spent at the first secondary school being built for girls in the Mara, which is not just an opportunity to meet the local community but a chance to leave a positive mark on the places you visit. One that is infinitely more meaningful than burying a necklace in the sand or carving your name into a tree.

We have rated this trip Awe Inspired, as it’s not physically challenging but rather a chance to get under the skin of this destination.

Dates: 7 June 2015


Green Practices

Green Practices: 

PROJECT: Educating the Children of the Maasai

Visit the people using education to empower the children of Maasai Mara. By fundraising and spreading awareness, you can be a part of the movement towards securing a better future for Maasai youth, a future which pulls itself out the cycle of poverty with the brawn of an educated workforce.

Your trip includes a £50 donation to the Educating the Children of the Masai project. The donation will arrive at the project before you travel and you have the opportunity to vist the people and communities you have funded during your trip. Should you wish to contribute further to the goals of the project you can opt to fundraise on your own personalised fundraising page which will be available when you book. There is no obligation to fundraise, no minimum amount and you can set up your fundraising page at any point before, during or after your trip.

We support any project that has sustainability as its end-game. And this project is all about that - creating educational facilities where they are not just lacking but non-existent, putting an end to the cycle of poverty by giving children the educational tools to choose the future they want for themselves and for their families. If you choose to fundraise for this project you will be joining a movement committed to affecting positive change for Maasai youth.