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Venetian lagoon bike tour



A tour which is suitable for everyone, in the heart of one of the most beautiful and poetic regions of Italy: the Venetian region, Venice and its Lagoon!
A flat itinerary, easy and varied, well studied in the duration and in the length of the stages, to allow you to visit in absolute freedom, and with the necessary time, all the wonders that you will find along the itinerary.
You will lose yourself in the nature of this region, suspended between sky and water. It will offer you wonderful landscapes, with surreal strips of land populated by many birds’ species.
This land seems to be stuck in time, and it is unique in the world: you will cycle along the calm Sile river, you will enter in the Venetian Lagoon, you will see the colorful houses on the islands, and you will discover the “calli” and canals of Venice, This itinerary is also rich in art, with a unique concentration of splendid palaces, churches and country villas, together with the prestigious Venetian museums and temporary exhibitions, not to be missed.
Last but not least, we will offer you some good advice on how and where to taste the gastronomic delights and the famous wines of the region.


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